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Meal Plans

Am I tied to a long-term subscription?

Can I change my meals each week?

What if I don't want my meals one week?

How do I choose my meals?

How do I cancel my plan?

Does my meal plan automatically renew?

One-Time Orders

Does my one-time order automatically renew?

Is there a minimum order requirement?


Where do you deliver?

What if I'm not home when you deliver my meals?

Do you deliver to apartments/condos?

How often do you deliver?

Can I recycle my packaging?

Do all of my meals arrive at once?

What is considered a GTA location for Monday deliveries?

What time will my delivery arrive?


Can I customize my meal?

How do I heat my meals?

Can I freeze my meals?

How often does your menu change?

Are your meals fresh or frozen?

How many servings is each meal?

How long do the meals stay fresh for?

Do you provide nutritional information for your meals?

Do you offer meals for specific dietary restrictions?

Can I substitute ingredients?


Can I change my account password?

Can I view my order history?

How do I update my address information?

Gifts & Offers

Does my gift card expire?

Can I use multiple discount codes?

Can I use a discount code when purchasing a gift card?

My gift card isn't working on my meal plan, what do I do?

Can I use a gift card and a promo code together?


I'm getting an error "there are no shipping methods available for your cart or destination"