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10 Reasons We Love Mom

First, lets start off by wishing all the moms out there a Happy Mother's Day! While some consider this just another Hallmark holiday intended for stores to make big bucks, it should hold a deeper purpose than that. We really should appreciate our mother's everyday, especially if we're lucky enough to have one in our lives, but sometimes life and distractions happen and we don't go out of the way to show mom our love. So this Mother's Day, lets take some time to reflect on all the reasons we love mom and why we appreciate her so much! 

1. She carried you in her womb for 9 whole months! That's a huge sacrifice to the body -- not to mention giving up alcohol, caffeine and suffering from all that nausea (and that's not even mentioning the actual childbirth process)!

2. She gives the best hugs! There's nothing quite like them.

3. She's your #1 cheerleader! At times it might have been embarrassing but it's one of those things you appreciate when you're older.

4. She put up with you! They don't call them terrible two's for no reason... and those teenage years, ohhhh boy!

5. She always asks "How's your day!?" even though you repeatedly give the same unenthusiastic answer of "It was OK."

6. She loves any gift that comes from you! Even if in reality it sucked, like those homemade coupons promising to help out around the house even though you never followed through; and being the angel she is, didn't call you out on it either.

7. She disciplined you in order to raise you as a good human being, tough love ain't easy!

8. She worked her butt off to provide for you. Whether she had a job or worked as a full-time mom, she always put herself last in order to give you the best!

9. She's always there for you during the good, bad and the ugly. She was probably your ride home from the bar when you drank a bit too much, or your comforting voice at 3am when you were homesick in first year university.

10. She always makes you laugh! Especially when she tries to be cool and copy the young lingo and trends. 

But let's be honest. 10 reasons isn't enough reasons -- and we don't think there's even a number on this planet that could ever be enough.

So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you to Mom's everywhere -- we love and appreciate you so much!

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