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3 Benefits of Eating Lean Meats

You’ve heard it before: lean meat is healthy for you—but have you ever wondered why that may be the case? Here are 3 health benefits to incorporating lean meats into your diet that you may not have known about!    


1.They are Loaded with Protein 

Lean cuts of beef, fish, and poultry are all packed with protein, making them a dietary staple. Protein is a key ingredient for muscle repair, as it contains essential amino acids.  This is makes protein vital for weight lifting and building muscle and even just general exercise and movement. Protein from lean meats will also provide you with valuable energy to get you through the day, and will even pick you up if you have a tendency to “crash” midway through the day. Protein from lean meats will also help to keep you full longer, which prevents snacking and packing on excessive calories.  

2. They are Low in Saturated Fats 

They’re called “lean” for a reason! Lean meats are much less fatty than their counterparts. Put simply, lean meats contain all of the nutrients you do need, and none of the excess that you don’t. This includes saturated fats.  Studies have shown that consuming less saturated fats will decrease risks of heart problem.  This also makes lean meats a  great choice  if you’re looking to lose weight, since leaner meats will also have less calories. Not to mention, leaner meats are the better choice if you’re watching your cholesterol intake.  

3. Lean Meats are Rich in Iron 

Are you feeling sluggish and unfocused throughout the day? Lean meats are rich in iron, which is another essential nutrient that has numerous health benefits as well. Iron provides you with more energy, it helps you stay more focused, and it regulates body temperature. It’s also important to be getting enough iron from your diet if you exercise regularly.  Lastly, iron found in Lean Meats is also great for boosting your immune system, which is important for everyone right now to stay safe and healthy.   


Lean meats don’t have to be boring! They’re very versatile and can be enhanced with delicious vegetables and spices, adapting to any taste buds with ease! If you’re not sure how to start incorporating lean meats as a part of your healthy diet, have a look at our weekly meal plans! Our menus have a great selection of healthy lean meats you will love!

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