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4 Benefits of Trying Meatless Monday

Have you ever thought about trying meatless Monday or going meatless one day a week? Perhaps you’ve considered eating one meatless meal daily. There are lots of people joining this movement, and many who haven’t have considered giving it a try!  There are quite a few benefits of going meatless for a day, and here are a few that you may not have heard about yet!


1. Weight Management and Health Benefits

Trying out meatless Monday can contribute to better weight management, as eating more veggies will increase your fibre intake. It will help you feel satiated, energetic, and ensures that you have a healthy digestive tract. Consuming less meat will also increase cardiovascular health, and has been known to reduce the risks of certain cancers. This is especially true if you aren’t selective about the meat that you do consume, as some of them may be loaded with fillers and unhealthy preservatives.


2. Save Yourself Some Money!

Reducing your meat intake, even just once a week means more money in your pocket! The cost of meat is on the rise, so replacing meat protein with ample vegetables and whole grains is more cost effective. Even if you can only commit to reducing your meat intake to once a week, like trying Meatless Mondays for example, you are likely to notice a difference in your wallet very quickly!


3. Environmental Benefits

It takes an enormous amount of resources to produce meat for consumption. Greenhouse gases are on the rise, and the meat industry has been linked to some of this. Committing to a fully vegetarian or vegan diet certainly isn’t for everyone, but studies have shown that going meatless, even just for one day a week has proven to make a big difference environmentally. The more people joining the movement, the more change can be brought about.


4. Opportunity to Experiment

It’s remarkable how creative we can get if we eliminate one single element of our daily diet. By exploring meatless Mondays, you can embrace the opportunity to experiment!  There are a lot of delicious vegetarian options that you may have otherwise passed over if you tend gravitate towards meat based dishes. Tofu, Paneer, vegetarian “beef” or “chicken” can be just as delicious as their meaty counterparts, you just have to give them the chance! Going meatless once a week can give you plenty of opportunity to explore new dishes, new recipes, new spices and meat alternatives.


If you’re curious and interested in trying Meatless Mondays, but don’t know quite where to start, you have come to the right place! Our menu has so many mouth-watering vegetarian options that you are sure to love! Take a look at our weekly meal plan and start incorporating meatless dishes into your Mondays! 

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