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5 Benefits of a Meal Prep Service

1. Stress less

With our ready-to-eat meals stored in your fridge for the week ahead. You'll know exactly what your eating for every meal so you don’t have to stress about what you will cook and have to find something last minute.

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2. Save money

Understand the number of calories you need and order the number of products you need.  Only buying what you need will save you lots of money on your monthly grocery bill, compared to impulse buying once you’re already at the supermarket. Also, market research shows you spend more overall at the supermarket when you make multiple visits, even more when you go shopping on an empty stomach.

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3. Eat healthy whole foods

A meal plan will ensure there are no last minute dashes to the nearest burger joint.  Because it's already in your fridge, all you have to heat and it's ready to eat.  You will have all the ingredients and everything you need to make you and your family a healthy meal.

Healthy food is usually fresh and has a short shelf life so you have to plan it into your life. A meal plan helps you do this. When you plan to eat vegetables everyday you have a greater chance of actually achieving that goal compared to just winging it! Rest assured, we only use the best produce for our meal-preps.

4. Gives you control

Control over your eating habits is one of the first steps to improving your eating habits and your health. You know what you are eating, when you are eating it and all the ingredients are there waiting for you when you need them.
Life is busy and we have lots of pressures to mange each and every day.

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5. Creates food awareness

A problem eating behaviour is mindlessly eating while doing other activities or grabbing takeaway on the way home from a busy day out or at work. A meal plan makes you aware of all your meals and snacks and keeps you accountable to yourself and members of your household.

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