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5 Benefits of Portion Control

We’ve all been told that portion control is important, but it can sometimes be difficult to understand why that is, as we are conditioned to fill our plates with our favourite foods. Most of the time, we determine our portions when we are at our most famished. Here are 5 health benefits of portion control, and how you can move towards eating exactly what you need without overdoing it.


1. Minimize Overindulgence

Portion Control contributes to a balanced, healthy lifestyle by reducing the urge to overindulge and consume more calories than your body naturally needs. If you grew up with the dinner table rule that you cannot leave until your plate is empty, then you may push yourself to finish everything in one sitting, even if you are already stuffed! This packs on more calories than you may need, which might lead to unwanted weight gain, bloating, and discomfort. This can be easily fixed by portioning your food correctly. 


2. Easier to Recognize When You’re Full

With that said, if you are eating too quickly and in large quantities, it’s easier to neglect your body’s cues of feeling satisfied, full, or too full. Being mindful of your portion sizes and slowing down the process allows you to adequately decide if you are satisfied, starting to feel full and ready to stop eating.


 3. Better for Digestion

Eating smaller portions is also significantly easier on your digestive system, and will prevent that uncomfortable feeling that inevitably follows after eating a large heavy meal. Bloating, indigestion, gas, and general discomfort are all signs that you may have overloaded your digestive tract. If you eat portions that your body can digest properly and efficiently, you will start noticing a difference right away! 


4. Improved Blood Sugar

Portion control also limits the chances of overloading your blood’s glucose levels. With similar effects to improved caloric intake, your body will be able to process your glucose levels properly and function as it should. You’re less likely to feel lethargic after eating a large meal, and you’ll avoid the “sugar crash” resulting from too much sugar or carbohydrates.


5. Less Waste

Last but certainly not least, portion control ultimately produces less waste and saves you money! If you are only eating exactly what you need, you save money on consuming excess food that doesn’t benefit you.  


If you want to put portion control into practice, our weekly meal plans will put you on the right track to a more balanced lifestyle. Our plans are individually portioned, healthy, and ready to eat so you can start eating more mindfully and feeling the benefits of portion control!  

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