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5 Cozy Meals For The Fall Season

Fall is here!

The temperatures are steadily dropping, and we are embracing all of the fun ways to really cozy up and enjoy the season. A staple for creating that cozy fall atmosphere is a warm and cozy meal. It is the ultimate comfort on a blustery and chilly fall evening. If this sounds like a dream, you are in luck! Here at eFresh Meals, we have the ultimate fall lovers menu! Here are the top 5 cozy fall meals from our menu!


  1. Keto Shepherd’s Pie

Nothing says fall comfort food quite like a mouth-watering shepherd’s pie! If you are craving all of the fall comfort food feelings, but don’t want a meal that is heavy in carbohydrates weighing you down while you’re enjoying your fall adventures, this Keto twist on the classic Shepherd’s Pie is a perfect choice!


  1. Chicken Carbonara

Juicy chicken, homemade carbonara sauce, sautéed mushrooms, parmesan cheese—could this meal be any more warm and inviting on a chilly fall evening? This meal takes comfort food to a whole new level! A family favourite, this is one dish you will be ordering again and again this season!


  1. Irish Guinness Stew

Fall and stew go together like leaves and pumpkins! A warm, hearty stew that will bring you cozy feelings even on the chilliest of days! And with fresh veggies and parsley with a savoury broth, this is the epitome of fall harvest flavour. Is your mouth watering yet? Ours sure are!


  1. Butter Paneer

If a burst of spice and flavour is what you are after on a cool, fall day, look no further than our famous butter paneer. Tender paneer, fluffy basmati rice and spiced cauliflower tossed in a light sauce give this meal the full-bodied flavour that will warm your soul even on the most crisp fall days! If you happen to be a meat lover, great news! We also have the Butter Chicken!


  1. Keto Pepper Steak and Cauliflower Mash

Does anything sound more hearty and delicious for fall like steak and mash? This is another great option for low-carb lovers and keto lovers who crave all the comfort from fall-inspired dishes, without all the carbohydrates! This irresistible protein-packed menu addition will have you skipping through those fall leaves in no time!


Which of our meals is your go-to fall dish? There are of course many more fall-inspired options to help you get cozy to celebrate the fall season. Visit our menu and don’t forget to check out our weekly meal plans for fresh, delicious and healthy meals delivered right to your door!  

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