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8 Celebrities’ All Time Favourite Meals

8 Celebrities’ All Time Favourite Meals 

Have you ever wondered what celebrities eat or whether you share a favourite meal with one? It’s easy to imagine that celebrities eat nothing but green juices and caviar. In reality, they’re just like us! It may surprise you to learn how similar the diets of top celebrities are to our own. 

Here are the favourite meals of 8 household name celebrities: 

  1. Brad Pitt

In an interview with the Times of India, Brad Pitt raved about his obsession with Indian food. Even his kids are fond of the cuisine, so the Pitt family enjoys it regularly. His go-to is chicken tikka masala and naan. To eat like Brad, try our Chicken Tikka Masala. 

  1. Jessica Alba 

As a huge lover of Thanksgiving, Jessica Alba doesn’t just have one single favourite dish. She loves the whole holiday spread; turkey, stuffing, all of it! To eat like Jessica, try our Turkey Feast. 

  1. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson 

The Rock is known for being insanely fit, so he clearly knows how to fuel his body. He has stated that his meal of choice consists of lean meat, rice or potatoes, and fresh vegetables. To eat like The Rock, try our Lemon Grilled Chicken Breast. 

  1. Lady Gaga 

It’s no secret that the famed popstar is big on Indian food. She once famously ate it three times a day until her managers eventually intervened. Lady Gaga once stopped eating Indian food for a diet, but went right back to eating butter chicken regularly when the diet was done. To eat like Lady Gaga, try our Butter Chicken. 

  1. Justin Bieber 

The Biebs is a well-known lover of all things pasta, but bolognese is his favourite. He once even got sick onstage after eating a big bowl of bolognese right before a show. We have a hunch that he probably gave himself a little more time to digest before shows going forward! To eat like Justin, try our Whole Wheat Penne Bolognese.

  1. Ellen DeGeneres 

We weren’t surprised to learn that Ellen believes fish are friends, not food! Having been a vegetarian for years, her ideal dishes include rice and some type of beans. To eat like Ellen, try our Chickpea Curry. 

  1. Tom Cruise

Considering he calls himself the “King of Carbonara,” it’s no surprise to learn that carbonara pasta is Tom Cruise’s go-to meal! We don’t blame him, you can’t go wrong with creamy pasta and parmesan cheese. To eat like Tom, try our Chicken Carbonara. 

  1. Katy Perry 

After throwing her 31st birthday party at Olive Garden, it’s safe to say Katy Perry is a serious pasta lover. We can only imagine the size of the spread she and her friends enjoyed that day! To eat like Katy, try our Meatball Rigatoni.

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