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A Culinary Adventure To Portugal

In honour of our newest Portuguese Chicken menu addition, let's take a culinary trip to Portugal and explore the cuisine, culture and traditions! 

Portugal is a country located on the western edge of the Iberian peninsula bordering Spain and is known as one of the warmest European countries. It's hilly, coastal, capital city is Lisbon and is one of the oldest cities in the world! Portuguese is the native language which is also spoken in Brazil and Cape Verde and is the third most spoken western language after English and Spanish. 

Once a colonial nation, many cities in Portugal represent the Old World through its atmosphere and architecture. The stunning beaches surrounded by the Atlantic sea make it a popular holiday destination to those across the globe. 

While Portuguese cuisine has many Mediterranean influences, Piri Piri, the star spice in our featured dish and one of the most common Portuguese spices, originates from the African coast. In fact, the word "Piri Piri" means "pepper pepper" in Swahili. "Malho de Piri Piri" which is a sauce form of the spice (similar to Tobasco) is a staple and often kept on the table to use during meals. Other spices commonly used in Portuguese cuisine include cinnamon, paprika, bay leaves and salt.

The social act of food and eating is essential in Portuguese culture, much like other parts of Europe. The gathering of family and friends for meals is an element of tradition and can last hours long! Food and eating is a symbol of love, passion and connectedness. Going out to eat is also very common and enjoying the beautiful open-air patios while sipping some of Portugal's excellent wines.

So, have we tempted you into a Portuguese getaway yet? We sure are wanderlusting! 

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