A Taste of the World With eFresh Meals!

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A Taste of the World With eFresh Meals!

Many Canadians, despite their love for travelling the world, have been missing out on their favourite pastime these last couple of years. One of the best parts about travelling is getting to experience different cultures first hand and trying their delicious cuisines. This is something that we considered when designing our menu here at eFresh Meals, bringing you a taste of the world…right to your door!


Butter Chicken

Let’s start off our journey in India. For a taste of India, our famous butter chicken is an absolute must-try! Enjoy a taste of Indian Cuisine without even hopping on the plane. The combination of juicy chicken, fluffy basmati rice, and spicy cauliflower will have you ordering this dish again and again!


Irish Guinness Stew

For a taste of Ireland, we cannot recommend enough the hearty Irish Guinness Stew! Perfect for the chilly fall and winter months, this beef stew will warm your soul and will immediately take you to a cozy Irish Tavern. With slow-roasted beef, celery, and chunks of potato, this is the ultimate fall dish! It’s comfort food without the guilt, as it’s made from fresh and healthy ingredients.


Asian Cuisine

Our General Tao Chicken is an Asian classic that is also a best-seller here at eFresh Meals! Mouth-watering breaded chicken sauced to perfection over fluffy brown rice and stir-fried veggies. We also feature Authentic Korean Rice and Tofu, which is a popular choice here at eFresh Meals! With tender tofu, fluffy rice, veggies and BBQ sauce, this is a taste of authentic Asian cuisine with no plane ticket necessary!


Mexican Pulled Chicken

Let your mind and taste buds wander to the Mayan Riviera! We call this one the ultimate vacation on a plate…and for good reason! This is the ultimate Mexican comfort food, with pulled chicken, and fiery BBQ sauce. This healthy blend of ingredients will take you to the beaches of Mexico in no time!


Where will your taste buds be travelling this week? Check out our weekly meal plan for even more delicious meals delivered right to your door! All of our meals are made with fresh and healthy ingredients and are perfectly portioned to save you the time and stress of planning and preparing meals.

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