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Anti Antibiotics

…at eFresh Meals, our locally sourced ingredients are antibiotic free—so you’re always eating meals made with the best quality ingredients.

In Canada, there are four well-known times of the year. Spring, summer, fall, and cold and flu season. When it comes to fighting those nasty wintertime sniffles, there’s much debate amongst health professionals about the use of antibiotics. However, there’s one thing we can all agree upon. Consuming antibiotics in our food is anti-appetizing.

So what exactly does the ‘antibiotic-free’ label on your food mean?

To put it simply, it means that no antibiotics were used during an animal’s lifetime.

Why are they used?

Just like in humans, antibiotics are used to treat and prevent disease in animals. Sick animals often indicate that farm conditions are less than ideal. Farms that are dirty and overcrowded are bound to have disease spread quickly among tightly packed animals. Believe it or not, sick, stressed, and unhappy animals do not lead to tasty meat. Seriously though.

Feeding small daily doses of antibiotics also causes most animals to gain weight. In an industry where profits are measured in pennies (or nickels), weight gain is highly valued.

What does this mean for my health?

There’s an increasing amount of evidence suggesting that antibiotics used in farming can pose a health risk to humans. When an animal is treated with an antibiotic, the bacteria living in those animals will eventually build immunity to the drug. The problem for us is that if we ingest the resistant bacteria and become ill, not only will we not have enough healthy bacteria to fight the illness on our own, but we may also not respond to any doctor-prescribed antibiotic treatment.

That’s why, at eFresh Meals, our locally sourced ingredients are antibiotic-free—so you’re always eating meals made with the best quality ingredients. We pride ourselves on our healthy and delicious menu made from healthy and nutritious food!

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