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Benefits of Pork

The Benefits of Pork


Fire up the grill! Today we’re discussing all of the health benefits of pork. A favourite for many, pork is one of the most consumed meat worldwide, and when eaten in moderation, can provide a variety of health benefits. Here are some pork facts you may not have known about!


Pork is a red meat

That’s right! Even though pork is a lighter colour once cooked, pork is still classified as red meat. The parameters for determining if a type of meat is white or red depends on the amount of a particular protein found in the muscle, called Myoglobin. Pork is right up there with other red meats such as beef and lamb, which ultimately determines its classification as red meat. Pork has significantly more myoglobin than meats like chicken and fish, which are white meat.


Pork MUST be cooked

Please note: eating pork that isn’t properly cooked or raw pork can cause illness, so ensure that you are purchasing pork from a reputable source and cook pork thoroughly to ensure that you can enjoy the health benefits.


Pork will build and strengthen your muscles

When in moderation, eating unprocessed pork can be a great source of protein. This is great for building muscles mass and when in combination with exercise, can strengthen the muscles that you already have. Pork contains all nine essential amino acids which will help repair and grow new muscle fibres.


Pork is rich in vitamins and nutrients

Pork contains many vital nutrients and vitamins for a healthy and well-balanced diet. Thiamine is one key vitamin that is found in pork, which is not found in other red meats, including beef. Pork is also high in vitamin B12, vitamin B6, Niacin, and Phosphorus. Pork is also very high in zinc and iron, which helps boost the immune system and metabolism.


Pork is on the menu!

If these tasty pork facts have your mouth watering, we have two delicious meals that you will love! Treat yourself to the flavours of Mexico with our Chipotle Pork Tacos, with fire-roasted corn, tortillas and sour cream. Rib lovers, we haven’t forgotten about you! We also have BBQ pork ribs with fire-roasted corn and red skinned potatoes


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