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Cranberries: Not Just for the Holiday Season!

It’s that time of year! The leaves begin to turn, thanksgiving plans are set for most Canadians, and the delicious cranberries make a resurgence for the holiday season! Since cranberries are harvested in September and October, it is a well-timed holiday tradition to enjoy this delicious fruit. But did you know that cranberries are actually hailed as a super fruit? You’ll be ready to enjoy cranberries all year long after reading about their incredible health benefits!


Key Vitamins and Nutrients

Cranberries are super for a reason! These tiny but mighty berries are full of B vitamins, such as vitamins B1,2, and 3, as well as Vitamin B6! Cranberries are also high in Manganese and Vitamin E.


Immune Boosting and Healing

Another powerful vitamin found in cranberries that we all know very well is Vitamin C! Vitamin C is renowned for its antioxidant properties. This will help boost the immune system and is even known for improving iron absorption and can increase collagen production for healing. For this reason, cranberries have been historically used to aid and treat bladder and kidney disease by Native Americans.


Gut Health

Cranberries promote excellent gut health as they improve the bacteria found in the stomach. This is particularly helpful for those who regularly eat foods with dairy, meat and sugar. Because of this, cranberries also help to prevent stomach inflammation and even painful stomach ulcers.



Not only do they help your stomach, but cranberries can also help promote great overall digestive health, due to their high levels of fibre. A diet with sufficient fibre can assist with the reduced risk of various health concerns like stroke, hypertension, and diabetes.


Your Dentist Will Thank You!

Just like cranberries have the power to assist with the bacterial and acids in the stomach…they can do the same for your mouth! Cranberries can control the acids that accumulate in your mouth over time. This helps to decrease gum disease and cavities.  Your dentist will be thrilled!


Don’t wait until the holiday dinner to enjoy your cranberries! Our famous ancient grains power bowl is full of delicious superfoods and cranberries are one of them! Check out our weekly meal plan for many nutritious meals delivered right to your door!

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