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Don’t forget to hydrate this fall!

Don’t forget to hydrate this fall!

What we traditionally recognize as the summer season may be winding down, but hotter temperatures tend to remain into September and occasionally into October as well. It’s easy to let our guard down and forget to hydrate during this busy time with back-to-school, new routines, and more comfortable weather allowing us to be more active. We know that human beings are mostly made of water and staying hydrated keeps us alive, but what are the other benefits of keeping hydrated? And what are some tips for staying hydrated apart from simply drinking water? 

Apart from pure survival, keeping hydrated has many other benefits that include:

Improved brain function and energy levels. When our cells are hydrated, they function better, and therefore improve our mental alertness, cognitive function, and of course on a muscular level, provide us with more energy to get everything done.

Staying hydrated can help prevent headaches. As we all know too well, a common symptom of dehydration is often headaches. If you are experiencing a mild headache, drinking lots of fluids may help alleviate that naturally.

Promotes better digestion by flushing waste and toxins from the body. This is also why we are encouraged to drink lots of hydrating fluids when we are sick.

Healthier skin! Staying hydrated will help with your skin’s elasticity and has benefits to every skin type, not just people with naturally dry skin.


Remembering to drink water throughout the day is important, but there are other ways to help stay hydrated through the food we eat. Many fresh, healthy foods are made up of primarily water, which makes them a great way to help you keep hydrated.


  1. Fruit: many fruits such as watermelon, peaches, cantaloupe, are comprised of over 80 percent water, with watermelon taking the lead at approximately 92 percent water! Not only is it a refreshing snack, but it will help keep you hydrated as well.
  2. Vegetables: Fresh vegetables are also very hydrating foods to keep in mind. Lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, zucchini and celery are at the top at around 95 percent water! Some other surprising vegetables such as cauliflower and bell peppers are at 92 percent.
  3. Smoothies and Juices: Why not throw all of these hydrating fruits and vegetables into a blender or a juicer and make a delicious smoothie or juice? It is a quick and easy (and delicious!) way to keep hydrated when you’re on the go!
  4. Soups and broths: Soups and broths are other alternative ways to help with hydration as they are comprised both of water and foods that are hydrating. With fall approaching, this is your sign to start making some cozy soups!


Luckily at efresh, we have plenty of these fresh, hydrating foods on our menu to help keep you hydrated heading into September and the fall months! Check out our weekly meal plan for fresh, healthy and delicious meals delivered right to your door!


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