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How Much Food Waste Do We Create By Grocery Shopping?

We won’t sugar coat it. It is astounding how much food Canadians waste on a yearly basis. While individuals are not solely to blame for the food wasted in Canada each year, it is still very shocking the amount of food that we waste without even thinking about it each time we make a large trip to the grocery store. If you take a step back and monitor the amount of food that gets thrown out of your home with the trash, the numbers will really start to add up. Here’s how much food is really wasted through the traditional process of shopping at the grocery store.


It Starts at The Grocery Store…

Grocery stores are designed to entice buyers to purchase a lot of extra food and, depending on the family size, can spend upwards of thousands of dollars annually that ultimately ends up in the trash. There are many ways you are set up to buy excess food. Essential items are often kept in the back corner of the store, conveniently passing the delicious baked goods, the fancy condiments that you’ve never heard of, and other pre-packaged items that probably weren’t on your shopping list that you tossed into your grocery cart anyway! In many ways, you are set up to waste more food because sticking to a grocery list in a brightly lit building filled with bright colours and delicious aromas is tough to battle against. 


The Fridge

All of those food items that you purchased then come home and get packed into your fridge like a game of Tetris. This makes it incredibly easy for that fresh box of spinach to get jammed in the back and forgotten about until it is too mushy to eat, or those sensitive raspberries get buried behind something else until they become mouldy and unappetizing. In our busy lifestyles, it can become so easy to forget food items that we bought in high volume simply because they are “out of sight, out of mind” until they inevitably spoil. This is ultimately how a lot of food becomes wasted.


Portions and Leftovers

Even after your food makes it out of the fridge, it can still be thrown away as waste. Has this ever happened to you? You cook a big meal to feed yourself or the whole family and you get stuck with a lot of leftovers. Perhaps the recipe called for portions to feed a family of six when you only have a family of two or four. Or you were really hungry and overestimated the amount of food that you could eat. Those leftovers then sit in the fridge until they become furry and start to resemble the family pet. It is incredibly common. Human beings eat with their eyes first so it is easy to overestimate our portion sizes which can lead to a lot of wasted food on a nightly basis, particularly if we aren’t diligent about eating the leftovers.


How To Reduce Food Waste

eFresh has you covered! We will take the planning, prepping and shopping off of your hands with perfectly portioned meals to help significantly reduce the food waste in your home. Minimizing time spent in grocery stores will inevitably reduce the amount of food purchases that may not get eaten and will ultimately be wasted. Check out our weekly meal plan with plenty of fun, fresh meals that your whole family will love!

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