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Lessen Your Daily Stress with a Convenient Meal Plan

Six months into a pandemic, it’s no surprise to hear that COVID-19 has changed the way we live in society. From how we interact with friends and family, to tackling simple errands and keeping a household together--every piece of living has changed.  Whether you are the head of a family, or a single individual, we all share one commonality: it affects us all and we’re in this together.

Moving into the school year, many families now have both a home office and school under one roof, creating even more moving pieces and home responsibilities. While everyone’s pandemic struggles are different, eFresh Meals is here to lessen your daily burden during those moments you need to be the in-house chef.

Planning Your Meals is Easy

Cross meal planning, grocery lists, and trips to the store off you to-do list. With eFresh Meals, you simply log onto our website and select your meals from our online ordering system. Our team prepares, packages, and ships your meals fresh, straight to your doorstep.

Skip Cooking for Good!

eFresh Meals are hand-prepared by a team of culinary experts. Simply follow the heating instructions and enjoy your meals in a matter of minutes.

Convenience Doesn’t Mean You Must Sacrifice Flavor.

Our meals are prepared with the freshest ingredients, allowing you to serve a healthy and delicious meal that’s packed with chef-quality flavor. Even on the busiest of nights you can still sit down with your family to enjoy a flavorful meal.

Healthy Meals Even Kids Approve.

According to one survey, more than half of families' eating habits have changed in the time they’ve been staying home. Trends are showing more people are turning to sweets, as 24% have decreased vegetable intake, 21% eat less fruit, and 19% are eating less protein.

Our menu is developed with an emphasis on healthy ingredients and portion control that even your kids will approve of.

Canada’s #1 Choice for Chef-made meals delivered to you.

Amongst the trials and tribulations of COVID-19, eFresh Meals is here to bring some consistency to a world where there is plenty of unknown. Food will always play a big role in helping people cope with the isolation of a pandemic; we’re here to simply make it even easier to experience the joy of eating a meal with your family regularly.

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