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Mood Food

Happiness and food are highly connected. Food affects the pleasure and reward centres of our brain by producing dopamine neurons that are primed for activation by any sign of food (smell, sight, memory). In fact, Jamie Oliver who is a huge advocate of children's healthy eating found that healthy and better eating in school kids resulted in better behaviour and attention during classes. There is, however, a dark side to food mood and that is seeking "pleasure foods" such as fried foods, refined grains and sugary products that are more likely to make you depressed. 

The framework for good food mood begins with implementing essential, daily habits.

Eat Often Enough:
Eating regular meals and snacks at the same time daily helps keep blood sugars steady and ensures your body has a continuous source of fuel.

Don't Skip Meals:
Skipping meals makes your body less able to assimilate food, and you will end up overeating. We all know that hunger = lousy mood.

Know What To Avoid:
Limit refined carbs (sugars) and refined white starches. These will only provide a short-lived burst of energy followed by tiredness and crankiness. 

Want to fuel your body with foods that boost your mood? Try to eat more of the following:
- Eggs
- Poultry
- Seafood
- Tofu
- Broccoli
- Lentils
- Dark Leafy Greens
- Lean Beef
- Salmon 
- Beans
- Peas 

Happy Eating!

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