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Mushrooms: The Most Versatile Veggie!

Let’s face it: mushrooms can be a polarizing veggie. People either love them or hate them. Mushrooms can also be one of the most versatile veggies out there, not only for the flavour that they bring to your favourite meal, but for their surprising health benefits! If you tend to pick out the mushrooms from your meal, here’s why you should give this versatile veggie a chance! 


1. They help ward off colds and viruses

That’s right! Mushrooms are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients that boost your immune system, which as we all know, helps us fight off toxins, and even viruses. Mushrooms are a great source of zinc, vitamin D and B vitamins and are full of antioxidants, making them a great choice to keep your immune system going strong!


2. They fit into many dietary needs

Mushrooms are also very versatile because they fit into so many dietary needs and restrictions. Mushrooms can be a great source of protein and fibre, making them a great meat alternative for vegetarians or vegans. They’re also a low-calorie veggie that is keto and paleo friendly, and are of course gluten-free and low carb. They’re also fat-free and cholesterol-free, and loaded with potassium to help reduce blood pressure, making mushrooms a heart-healthy veggie! 


3. Great for Digestive Health

We’ve mentioned earlier that mushrooms are a great source of fibre and B vitamins which is optimal for boosting the immune system, but they are also anti-inflammatory which does wonders for the digestive system. Having a healthy and functioning digestive system will keep you feeling lighter, more energetic, and prevent those midday crashes. 


4. Share the Flavour!

The best part about cooking with mushrooms is the flavour exchange it brings to your meals. Not only are mushrooms packed with their own signature flavour to enhance your meal, but they also absorb the existing flavours too! They are sponge-like and will retain the spices and juices that you are cooking with as well. This gives them their versatile reputation that can adapt to any recipe, and make the perfect addition to sauces, salads, and pizza toppings.  


Have we convinced you? If you’re willing to give mushrooms a chance, you don’t want to miss our Chicken Carbonara (or our Vegetarian “Chicken” Carbonara) that is on our menu, featuring sautéed mushrooms! 


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