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Our Favourite Canadian Eats & Treats

In preparation of Canada's birthday, what better way to honour our beloved country then to celebrate Canada's classic eats & treats! 

Certain dishes are identified as "Canadian" due to their ingredients and origins (aka: anything containing maple syrup) however, Canadian cuisine is hard to define. We like how former Canadian Prime Minister, Joe Clark described it "Canada has a cuisine of cuisines. Not a stew pot, but a smorgasboard". Let's be honest, who doesn't love a smorgasboard!?

Nanaimo Bars
Traced back to Nanaimo B.C where the first recipe was said to be published in 1953. This delicious no bake recipe consists of 3 layers; a coconut crumb base, custard butter icing, topped with a layer of chocolate ganache. YUM!

Originating from Quebec, this glorious dish consists of french fries, cheese curds topped with warm gravy. While there are various topping options, classic is truly the way to go. It's also a great late night, post bar mow down. 

While this is technically a cocktail, it had to be included on our list. Caesar's are a way better version of a Bloody Mary (no offence) and contain vodka, Clamato, tabasco & worcestershire sauce, served in a celery salt rimmed glass and garnished with a big celery stick or pickled bean. It's important to note, these are a miraculous hangover cure!

Butter Tarts
Originating with the pioneers in the Canadian prairies, this treat contains butter, sugar, syrup and egg filled in a flaky pastry shell. While many American's may not be familiar with this ooey gooey pastry it can be found at little roadside stands, quaint bakeries, and even big grocery story chains across Canada. 

Ketchup Chips
Alongside all dressed chips, this iconic flavour is not found in the USA. It's a Canadian favourite when it comes to salty snack food and best produced by Lays. 

Montreal Style Bagels
Thinner than New York bagels with a larger hole, this iconic staple is boiled in honey sweetened water and baked in a wood fire oven. It's so delicious, you don't even need jam or cream cheese. 

A play on the word "tidbit", this bite sized doughnuts originated and sold at Canada's famous Tim Hortons. The classic flavours include chocolate glazed, dutchie, honey dip, sour cream glazed, old fashion and jelly-filled. Best paired alongside a Timmies double-double. 


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