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Portion Control

If you’re a human being, then you’ve probably had trouble with portion control. We’ve all been there, lying on a crumb covered couch, sigh, next to a once full bag of chips.

So, would you like to know the secret to portion control? The secret is, that there is no secret. Portion control comes down to controlling your portions with effort and discipline. There are however, a few tips and tricks that can make the whole process a little less awful. We Googled it for you and want to pass along some of our favourites. You’re welcome.

Drink More

Drinking water helps boost your metabolism, cleanses your body of waste and acts as an appetite suppressant. You’ll probably also notice a pleasant effect on your skin too.

Drink Less

Alcohol can be a fun time, but don’t turn a blind eye to all the empty calories it packs. Skipping that third spiked eggnog means that you can indulge in a gingerbread cookie instead. You’ll also wake up sans hangover. Double win.

Eat More

Eating nutrient dense food means that you’ll fill up on things that will do good for your body. You’ll feel full longer and pack in the most nutrition while staying within your calorie limits. Look for foods that are rich in vitamins, mineral, complex carbohydrates, lean protein and healthy fats like salmon, leafy greens and blueberries.

Eat Less

Serving size is important to keep in mind, especially on cheat day. Serving sizes are often listed on the nutrition label and refer to how many servings are inside a bag or box of food. Read the label for single portion size and proceed with caution otherwise you’ll consume far more than you bargained for.

Set the scene

We’re constantly surrounded by distractions, even at meal time. Put the screens away and truly get to know your food. You’ll enjoy every bite and realize you’ll full a lot faster.

Downsize temptation

From an early age, we’ve been programmed to eat what’s in front of us. The problem is that portions just seem to be get bigger along with our waistlines. Purchasing single-serving packages, or pre-portioning your favourite snacks makes it easier to ignore the hungry imp on your shoulder.

Take a lap

Make sure you’ve made the rounds at your next Christmas party before loading up your plate. There’s no way you can say no to Carol’s famous apple cobbler so maybe you should have skipped that second helping of cheesy mashed potato instead.

Have an app

Studies have shown that starting your meal with a soup or salad can help you feel more satisfied and reduce the total amount of calories consumed at meal time. Also, if you’re dining out, consider ordering an appetizer instead of an entrée.

Keep an eye on the size

No one wants to be that person who carries measuring cups in your bag. Instead, learn to eyeball portion sizes. For example, a three-ounce portion of meat or chicken is comparable to the palm of your hand and a fist looks like one cup of pasta or rice.

Play tricks on your stomach

The same exact portion of food will look larger on a small plate than on a big one. So bust out a smaller set of plates and tuck in. You’ll trick your eyes and your stomach into thinking you ate more than you really did.

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