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Powerhouse Ingredients for Summer Juice

Nothing is more refreshing on a hot summer day than having a glass of fresh fruit juice. It’s a fantastic way to stay hydrated and absorb all of those much-needed vitamins and nutrients, without the heaviness of eating a full meal. They’re also perfect to enjoy on the go, while you get out there and enjoy your summer adventures. Here are a few nutrient-packed ingredients that are perfect for a healthy summer juice.

  1. Strawberry

As far as fruits go, strawberries are an excellent choice, as they are high in fibre and lower in carbohydrates and glycemic index. They’re high in Vitamin C, which works wonders for healthy skin, so you can achieve that natural summer glow! They’re also rich in antioxidants which will help you feel fresh and light for fun summer activities.

  1. Guava

Guava is also rich in antioxidants, and will transport you to a tropical oasis, no plane ticket needed! This tropical fruit also happens to be rich in fibre, potassium, and vitamin C. Having a good source of fibre will help improve your digestive tract, making you feel less sluggish and tired while you’re out and about this summer. You can enjoy all of these health benefits in a convenient on-the-go juice.

  1. Beets

This may not be a vegetable that you would snack on regularly, which makes it a delicious and nutrient-packed addition to your summer juice. This vegetable has lots of folate, manganese, potassium and iron. For all of these reasons, drinking fresh juice made from beets can improve your physical performance and keep your energy levels high for all of the summer fun!  

  1. Greens

Last week, we took a deep dive into the health benefits of leafy green vegetables. In the summer, you may not have the time to sit and eat a salad or a cooked meal with leafy greens. Having a juice made from leafy green vegetables will give you all the benefits of eating your greens that you can enjoy while you’re on the go!

  1. Carrots

Another root vegetable that is packed with flavour and vitamins is the infamous carrot! Drinking juice made with carrots will provide you with an excellent source of Vitamin A, K1, B6, Biotin and Potassium. They also are famous for their beta carotene. This can help improve cognitive function, boost your eyesight and promote healthier skin as well.

Which of these ingredients are you most excited to try in a juice? Stay tuned for some summer-appropriate menu additions! And while you’re out enjoying your summer adventures, let us take care of the meal planning for you! Check out our weekly meal plan options for freshly prepared meals delivered right to your door. All you need to do is cook and enjoy!

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