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Proud Partner of Mud Girl Run

Efresh Meals was honoured to partner with the Mud Girl Run and supply the organization team with meals for the week while they set up the extensive outdoor obstacle course this past weekend at Dagmar Ski Resort in Uxbridge, Ontario. 

The Mud Girl Run is an obstacle race dedicated to women. It's a 4km course with over 17 fun obstacles including mud, foam, and slides! In 2015, Mud Girl organizers learned that one of their family members had been affected by breast cancer and since then dedicated itself to partnering with the Breast Cancer Foundation and contributing generous donations! 

The Efresh team set up a booth at the race and had the pleasure of interacting with all the strong, brave, adventurous participants and their families. As a health-conscious company, we loved seeing the diversity of women who participated in this active event which was not simply limited to athletes but moms, colleagues, friends and families with younger children encouraging each other every step of the way! The Mud Girl Run promotes empowerment and does not penalize you for coming in last, or skipping certain obstacles. They encourage you to try your best and merely embrace the experience!

If you'd still like to participate in the Mud Girl Run, you're not too late! Their last race will take place in Ottawa on August 25th and is open for registration!

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