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Takeout vs Chef-Prepared Meals

The temptation is real. You come home after a long day of work, and you don’t want to have to prepare a meal at home. You might be running out of ideas, bored of the ingredients in your house, and that takeout brochure is so tempting. There are even apps today that make ordering takeout and fast food as simple as a few taps on your device. It’s pretty common knowledge that fast food and takeout is considered “bad for you”, but how does it compare to a weekly meal plan with chef-prepared meals? 


Fast Food and Takeout:

Eating takeout meals will drastically increase your daily sodium intake, often to unhealthy levels. Salt can easily mask the flavours of frozen food that isn’t prepared fresh. It’s very difficult to find a takeout meal that is not loaded with sodium, even if you opt for a seemingly healthier choice, such as a salad (beware of the dressings!)  A single takeout meal is often more than half of your daily sodium requirements, so it is something to be mindful of. Why is consuming excess sodium a problem? Sodium can cause the body to retain water resulting in bloating, inflammation, and headaches, causing discomfort. On a more serious note, excessive sodium levels can cause high blood pressure and is even attributed to several forms of heart disease.


It’s no secret that the portion sizes with fast food and takeout are also growing rapidly, which can result in consuming excess calories and lead to unwanted weight gain. Overindulging in excessive quantities of food can also lead to bloating and discomfort. This is particularly the case since most fast food and takeout meals consist of high carbohydrate and low fibre food items which can lead to digestive struggles and high blood sugar levels. 


Not to mention, ordering takeout meals and fast food implies the eating-on-the-go lifestyle where we snack on french fries in the car on the way home, or eat quickly while doing household chores. Not only does it make the meal itself less enjoyable, but it also can distract the brain from noticing the natural signals of fullness, which can cause excessive food intake as well.


Chef-Prepared Meal Plan:

Our weekly chef-prepared meal plans are made from fresh ingredients, prepared with a balanced and healthy diet in mind. We don’t use salt or seasoning to make up for flavour, because our meals are prepared fresh from whole ingredients, so you can enjoy your meal and feel the health benefits instantly. Our meals help with portion control and are packed with essential nutrients from power house veggies, fibres and healthy carbohydrates.


And you don’t have to compromise healthy with delicious, our meals are both! Our chef-prepared meals are bursting with flavour! You have all of the convenience of fast food and takeout, as these meals are pre-prepared and shipped right to your door, and it gives you time to sit and thoroughly enjoy your food without the stress of planning.


Set that takeout brochure aside and have a look at our weekly meal plan and our menu, with new and exciting recipes added all the time so you can change things up and try new recipes! 

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