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The Power Of Garlic

Staying healthy and boosting the immune system has been more important than ever before. You might be wondering about how eating certain foods can not only contribute to your overall health and well-being, but also will give you a fighting chance to combat certain illnesses and ailments too.


Introducing the power of garlic! Powerful taste, and even more powerful benefits!


Not only is it a delicious addition to most recipes, but there are some key benefits to this super powerful veggie that can make you feel great about what you’re eating.


Garlic is Good for the Heart

Keep a happy and healthy heart with the powerful garlic. Studies have shown that eating garlic contributes to an overall healthier heat. Combined with a healthy diet, it will help you improve your cholesterol levels, which may lower the risk for heart disease. Garlic also contributes to reducing blood pressure or hypertension as well.


Garlic Boosts the Immune System

Keeping your immune system functioning at optimum levels is truly more valuable than ever. Garlic is known to boost the function of your immune system and even reduce cold and flu symptoms for those already feeling under the weather. Garlic also has a long history where it was believed to have medicinal properties. This is because garlic is loaded with key nutrients such as Manganese, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin C, just to name a few.


Garlic Contributes to An Overall Healthy Diet

As if garlic wasn’t awesome enough, garlic is also great for boasting your metabolism and energy levels. It will keep you feeling full longer, so you may be less likely to overindulge on calories that your body doesn’t need. It can also expel toxins within your digestive tract, contributing to better overall digestive health.


Garlic is Great for Your Skin

Garlic is loaded with antioxidants, which are also very beneficial for healthy skin. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties, which covers the bases of many common skin ailments you might be looking to clear up. You won’t mind a little garlic breath here and there with that radiant skin you will have!


Is there anything that garlic DOESN’T do?


 If you’re excited to add some garlic to your dishes, be sure to check out our weekly meal plan! Many of our menu options include this super powerful super veggie! Order today so you can start feeling the benefits of incorporating more garlic into your diet. 

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