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The Season of Peas!

It’s that time of year! Gardens are finally loaded with fresh summer peas and we couldn’t be happier!

Peas can really pack a punch with so many nutrients in such a tiny round package! They are a veggie that kids can certainly get on board with, as they playfully roll around the plate. But in fact, peas aren’t a vegetable at all! Although they are often cooked and prepared as a vegetable, peas actually belong in the legume family.


What’s a legume?

Have you ever heard of the phrase “peas in a pod”?

That’s your hint right there that peas belong in the legume family. Legumes are botanically classified as plants that produce seeds that form inside pods. Beans (including both green beans and black beans), chickpeas, and lentils are just a few other delicious legumes that grow inside of a pod and often get confused with vegetables. Who knew!

The Health Benefits of Peas

Don’t let their size fool you, peas can be a quite filling addition to your meal, and can even serve as a filling snack to curb hunger on the go. They have a low glycemic index and are incredibly rich in fibre which can help your digestive system and encourage portion control to prevent overindulging.

Peas won’t let carrots and tomatoes take all the credit either, they also contain carotenoids that help protect your eyes, particularly lutein and zeaxanthin! These carotenoids are a yellow pigment and found in plants that are dark green. The list of vitamins they carry is quite long as well—Vitamin A, B, C, E and zinc. A full alphabet of health benefits! These vitamins make peas both an antioxidant and can also help to reduce inflammation.


Why We Love Peas!

Because they are so densely packed with nutrients, all you need is one half a cup of peas to receive all of their health benefits. In moderation, peas make a delicious side dish or tasty snack if you’re on the go.  They can be enjoyed fresh, cooked in your favourite meal, or even consumed frozen as a fun and chilly summer snack!  

And don’t forget, peas aren’t just for children! You can enjoy peas as part of your healthy meal plan. Our Irish Guinness Stew is a delicious and hearty meal for those chilly summer nights that happen to feature this small but mighty legume! You can also impress your family with all of your new pea trivia!

Check out our weekly meal plan for more exciting and healthy meals so you can cut down on preparing and planning meals and just enjoy the summer fresh meals delivered right to your door! 

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