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What The Heck Is Orzo?

Ah, that tasty little grain of ric– wait, pasta? Hold on. What exactly is this little “thing” — is it a pasta? Is it rice? Is it some revolutionary quinoa-pasta-rice-cous cous blend?

The short answer? Orzo is a form of pasta.

…But what exactly is orzo?

Orzo. Some may call it a supergrain, some may call it confusing. But in fact, orzo is actually a small form of pasta that’s made from semolina, white or whole grain flour.

Orzo is actually an Italian name, meaning “barley,” largely because it used to be made of barley as opposed to today’s wheat varieties.

Orzo is extremely versatile. It can be used in soups, salads, or even as it’s own feature dish.

greek orzo salad

For this week’s exciting new feature meal (and free with your order from April 7th – 13th), we’ve paired this versatile pasta with juicy black olives, grilled artichokes, blistered cherry tomatoes and tossed it with fresh herbs in a lemon vinaigrette.

So, what the heck is orzo? Well, now you know.

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