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Why Tofu is a Must Try! 

Tofu tends to get a bad reputation in pop culture. We’ve all seen characters on television wrinkle their nose at the mention of tofu, compared to traditional meat products. For this very reason, a lot of people have never tried tofu, but suspect that they may not like it. But did you know that not only is tofu loaded with nutrients and have impressive health benefits, but it can also be incredibly delicious?  


Health Benefits of Tofu:

Eating tofu is an easy and healthy choice if you’re looking for a meat substitute! It is a protein dense meat alternative that can be seasoned just about any way you like! It’s not only high in protein, but also manganese, fiber and calcium which contribute to more energy. It also contains all nine essential amino acids, and is chalked full of vitamins and minerals. Unlike meat, tofu is much lower in cholesterol so if you regularly swap meat for tofu, you can help to lower cholesterol overall. It also contains no saturated fats, which are often found in animal products that can increase risk factors that contribute to heart disease.  Not only that, but tofu is also a very filling, low calorie option which is great to prevent overeating.


Tofu is known for containing soy isoflavones that can help to reduce bone loss, particularly in the early stages of menopause. Soy isoflavones also help boost brain memory and brain function, and improve skin elasticity, reducing wrinkles. Tofu is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties, making it a great food to incorporate into your diet to reduce inflammation. 


As many people shift away from a meat focused diet, tofu is an excellent option, both in flavour and in nutritional value. As with most foods, moderation is key with tofu. Because it is so dense in nutrients, you don’t want to overload your body with tofu by consuming too much, but in moderation you can enjoy these health benefits efficiently. 


What About Flavour?

Like mushrooms, tofu is able to absorb the flavours that it is cooked with, which can result in an incredibly flavour packed meal! A slab of plain tofu on a plate may not be to your taste, but seasoning it the way you might season your chicken or other meat products will contribute to a very delicious meal. This makes tofu a really great option for stir fries, sauces, and soup! It’s an incredibly diverse meat substitute that can be baked, fried, grilled or even prepared as a dessert!


Ready to give tofu a try, but not sure where to start? Our Thai Tofu Stir Fry is this week’s meal of the week, and it is a good one! Tofu seasoned to perfection with roasted vegetables on a plate of fluffy rice will really give your Meatless Monday a delicious upgrade. And an added bonus?  You don’t need to worry about how to prepare and season tofu on your own! Check out our weekly meal plans for more healthy and delicious meals delivered fresh right to your door!


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